Top 5 Unique Personalised Gift Ideas

Top 5 Unique Personalised Gift Ideas </br>

Festive season or an occasion like promotion, graduation or birthdays, we love to go that extra mile to choose the perfect and memorable gift. After all, we do not want aunts and uncles to circle back the same gift to us a year later.

Luxurious, unique and affordable. These are the three parameters that one uses to decide on a gift. We cannot purchase the entire toy store like some elite people do. The latest in the gifting trend is personalised gifts. 

Why Personalised Gifts?

Personalised gifts convey an emotion that the sender has spent a lot of time and effort in curating the gift according to the receiver’s choices. It is a heartfelt gift that is cherished forever as a token of love and memory. They have a long-term value and helps build strong relationships. 

Here’s a look at top 5 personalised gifts websites that you can choose from:

1. Merlinwand 

Personalised storytelling is what Merlinwand is all about. Here you can choose a story, personalise (name, gender, character, storyline), preview and place the order.

Most of the gifts are based on photos or names but what sets them apart is personalising avatars and storylines. Food for thought - Every Book they print is Unique!

I would highly recommend it to those who are interested in inculcating reading, morals and values in their kids. This is a sure shot way to do so!


When Engrave was making its foray in the Indian market, they had come out with a unique and personalised concept of engraving a photo of customer’s choosing on a wooden plaque.

If you are looking for furniture, art, craft or home decor created by artisans from across India that is unique then Engrave is your destination. Not only are they a collector's dream, but also a makers' hub. 

The products aren’t mass-produced. They have individuality and character that cater to connoisseurs of the same.


Dream of owning land on the moon? Then Lunarland is your answer. This company is the earth’s oldest, most recognised celestial real estate agency. They claim to be one amongst the first companies in the world to file for a legal trademark and  copyright for the sale of extraterrestrial property within the confines of our solar system.

Their moon package includes moon map, deed and a pledge making it for a unique concept indeed.

4. Sytara 

Be it anniversaries, birthdays or just to celebrate your loved one, ink your relationship by gifting them a star map or planet.

Sytara collects data for their star maps from NASA Astronomical Data Centre Star Catalog. Star maps are all used on the information of NASA Planetary missions, astronomical observations, and lab measurements. Their software assesses the whole data, uses the date and time mentioned by you to create star maps. To make the artwork more mystical and enchanting they also add graphics and constellations.

This personalised artifact is a sure keep!

 5. Geekmonkey

A custom 3D bobblehead! I find bobbling dolls quirky. Imagine your brother shaking their head in unison to whatever you say. Inner peace!

I had come across this concept while I was looking for an engagement gift for my brother and it was an instant hit. All you need to do so upload the photo that you want to personalise and geekmonkey does the rest for you.

Personalised gifts narrate the strong bond between two individuals - be it siblings, couples, friends or with children. Bid adieu to boring gifts for personalised gifts are here to stay. 

This festive season shop from the comfort of your home with just a click of a button.

What are you waiting for? Create an occasion now to gift these wonderful concepts to your loved ones today!

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