Customized Literature - A 21st century concept

Customized Literature - A 21st century concept

As a child, at every given opportunity, I would sneak up into the attic, or inside a cupboard and get lost into the world of fairytales. So much so, that once when my cousin broke his arm, I didn’t even hear the commotion around me! Both I and my love for books only grew over time. Only the characters and genre changed. I would sometimes be resolving a murder mystery or crying because the hero had left the heroine. I live quite an exciting life, always imagining myself to be the protagonist.

The ever-so-fascinating world of books - from increasing knowledge, making us feel secure to creating cognitive engagement has multiple benefits. Creative thinkers exhibit self-discipline and avoid gender stereotyping.

Researchers say that children are more engaged when they listen or read stories they are part of. ‘Be Your Own Hero’ - our tagline, aptly describes personalization. Being a part of the story helps increase their attention and listening skills, boosts self-confidence and esteem. 

 "A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors." – Charles Baudelaire

Storytelling helps develop your child’s brain in terms of language and literacy development, sparks imagination and stimulates curiosity. They - 

  • Value books and stories and learn about different cultures around the world
  • Learn to deal with strong emotions
  • Can easily tell apart real and imaginary

Conceptualization and Launch

 What is the first emotion that you associate with when you hear the word stories? Nostalgia, excitement, adrenaline rush, art? Yes? It does resonate with you, isn’t it?

Our founders can be best described as book-bosomed and dotting fathers who when not busy with their IT careers are busy running around their kids trying to make them read storybooks.

For the past decade, whenever our founders sat together to discuss a business idea, it never materialised. One night, during a bedtime story session with his youngest child, one of our founder’s changed the name of the protagonist to that of his son. He loved it so much that for the next week, he went around reading the personalized story to his friends and slept with the book under his pillow.

This is how the idea of creating personalized storybooks germinated, and Merlinwand was conceptualised.


We understand the value of inculcating morals and ethics in a child and what a tightrope act it can be. Hence the fun element in our stories. In the age of gadgets, the art of personal connect is lost. We make a humble effort by giving you the opportunity to collectively create a story along with your child.  

Doctors recommend - Read a book a day! Keep the headaches away!

What are you waiting for? Dive into the world of imagination and be ready to be enthralled. Login to our website today to create your story.

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