The Gutsy Explorer

Is your child a budding explorer? Embark on and discover exciting and unusual adventures around the globe. Teach your child to be independent and inventive by gifting them this unique personalized storybook today!
Rs. 1,499.00
Rs. 1,799.00
Rs. 1,499.00

The Climate Ninja

Teach your child the implications of global warming and climate change. Inspire them to become a climate ninja by gifting them this unique personalized storybook today!

Rs. 1,499.00
Rs. 1,799.00
Rs. 1,499.00

The Great Timbooktu Rescue

Animals are a source of comfort and love for children. Hear your child squeal in delight as they try to rescue the village of timbooktu from a natural disaster. By gifting this personalized story, motivate them to be courageous and compassionate.

Rs. 1,499.00
Rs. 1,799.00
Rs. 1,499.00

The Music Band

Let your child learn the importance of moms and what collaborative work means through this rib-tickling story of three friends who try to form a music band. Instill a lifelong love for music in your child by gifting this unique personalized storybook today.

Rs. 1,499.00
Rs. 1,799.00
Rs. 1,499.00

The Tingling Finger

A magical world where objects shrink and expand. Is it a superpower? Makes for a great bedtime story. Introduce your child to the world of magic with this unique personalized storybook.

Rs. 1,499.00
Rs. 1,799.00
Rs. 1,499.00

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a personalized storybook ?

    We at Merlinwand understand how difficult it is to make a child abandon gadgets and PlayStations and inculcate the art of reading. Here is when the art of personalization steps in and makes the task easy. It is a proven fact that children who read or are read stories that personalize the name of the main character, gender, avatar, and storyline are more engaged.

  • What can I personalize?

    You can choose the name of the child, gender, how they look like and the storyline. In some stories, you can personalize multiple characters.

  • How can I personalize the story?

    You can personalize in 4 easy steps - 

    1. Select the storybook you like and click on Personalize

    2. Personalize the story by choosing details such as hero’s name, how they look and storyline.

    3. Preview the book

    4. If you like the storybook, then you can proceed with the checkout.

  • What kind of stories do you have on your website?

    Rib tickling, adventure-filled, musical, and many such stories that will pique your curiosity and leave you wanting for more.

  • Which age group do the stories cater to?

    Our stories can be enjoyed by anyone between the ages of newborn to 14 years.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    You can pay via any of these options i.e. Debit and Credit cards, Net Banking, UPI, and Wallets.

  • Do you ship anywhere across the world? Is shipping free?

    Currently, we ship for free anywhere within India.

  • What is the return & exchange policy?

    There is no return once ordered. Only exchange is possible in the event of physical damage or wrong order. For more details, read more here.

  • How do I check the order status?

    Using your credentials, log in and check the Order Details page to know the status of your order.

  • How long will it take for the order to be delivered?

    Delivery will take place within 14 days of you placing your order.

  • Do I need an account to place an order?

    Yes, you need an account to place an order. Be assured that your data is safe with us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

  • How do I choose which book is good for me?

    Our story preview feature lets you skim through the entire story before you choose to purchase.