The benefits of reading a physical book over an e

Physical books are any day a better pick over e-books.


Why should you encourage your Child to read?
Encouraging your child to read is incredibly beneficial for their development and growth.  We have been featured in var
Children’s Literature: What went wrong and how ca

The past, presence and future of children’s literature.

Reading Is The Foundation Of Learning.
Know how the reading habit helps your child.
We have got our first seed funding!
The fund raised will be used on launching more story books for corporate gifting and grownups, marketing and creating brand awareness while branching out into the UK and US markets.
Back to school post the pandemic
"The lockdown, in its various forms, extended for a period of almost two years. For many of these children, the pandemic time was a period of prolonged stress and anxiety, the remnants of which continue to be visible today."
Support system of parents and careers of children
"The support system that parents form should not be used to decide careers of children, ever. It should be supporting them and giving the children the freedom to choose their own careers, however outlandish or immature it may appear at the moment."
Speech therapy through reading and illutrations
Amar Ujala, one of India’s leading Hindi Newspapers has featured us in an article that highlights how reading and pictu
Punjab Kesari features us and talks about speech
We are featured in Punjab Kesari, a widely circulated Hindi-language newspaper. Many children experience speech diffic
Featured in Times of India!
Storytelling plays an important role in shaping your child’s overall personality as it teaches them many things about the world and life. Therefore, it is crucial to their growth—not just in terms of vocabulary or reading ability but also in terms of their overall ability to think, empathise and imagine. 
A career as an illustrator can be rewarding & ful
Illustrators have long been known as the “people who bring pictures to life”. They create images that can be seen on everything, from coffee mugs and T-shirts to books and commercials.
Mint Lounge features our book and has this to say
Our latest book ‘The Unusual Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer’ gets featured in two leading publications - The Print and Mint Lounge.
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